February 28, 2020
A portrait of the Barnard Castle & Teesdale in contemporary cameo glass. A series of our pushed bowl forms, with colours moving through the seasons, exploring the landscape around Teesdale the Bowes Museum. This beautiful Landscape has been an inspiration to artists including the famous poem Rokeby by Walter Scott which celebrates Teesdale and many watercolorists have chosen to paint this landscape, including John Sell Cotman & J.M.W.Turner. Our exploration and Portrait of this landscape will use a perspective that has only recently become available. Using digital satellite technology, enabling an over view of the landscape, revealing the geology and the marks carved into the land of Teesdale by natures hand and the active management of men and women over millennia. The title 'Portrait of Place', makes reference to the English Water Colour Tradition, a time before watercolorists were appreciated as artists, a time when their role was purely functional, recorders of the world around them. 10th February 2018 - 13th May The Bowes Museum

2-Hellebore Bowl

March 14, 2019
Our first design of 2018 is now available to order here Our first design of 2018 is an intense golden yellow with a transparent bright green lip wrap, a small celebration of spring’s colours. Not only do we find the catkins beautiful when covering a tree with colour long before the leaves uncurl, the Alder trees also have a special significance for glassmakers. When we make glass, we use Alder wood for our blocks to shape and cool the molten glass as this wood is especially good at absorbing water. Alder does not rot when wet and for that reason most of Venice is built on Alder piles. You maybe unaware, that when visiting Rosedale you will travel along Alder Carr Lane. A ‘Carr’ is the old name for an Alder Woods, which were thought to have mysterious, magical atmospheres. Rosedale has an abundance of Alder trees on the banks of our two rivers. The Alder Catkins fill the trees with colour and springs promise long before any leaves uncurl. (The pollen has long been used as a dye for clothes, even for the fairy folk) For all of us this year spring is much later…. the Alder Catkins are particularly late to reveal their splendour and as I type Rosedale’s Alder trees are only just coming into bloom. We hope the design of this new bowl brings a little early spring into your home. Our new limited edition of 100 bowls is the first of 2018. Hand blown, hand engraved glass, signed dated and numbered  


February 28, 2019

This year our studio garden has given us a wonderful show of hellebore, with a bright display of the glorious crowns of these elegant flowers.

At a time when so few plants are daring to shine, hellebore provides a reliable source of joy as a prelude to spring.

4-Can you post glass ?

December 15, 2018
We will be popping up in Sheffield as part of this new event, run by the team at Great North Events with our studio production and limited edition bowls, with a mini version of our Rosedale studio. Look forward to seeing you. July 27-29 at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield for tickets please follow this link

5-Sloe Berry Bowl

November 28, 2018

The Sloe Berry bowl will be our final limited edition design of 2018. A cool purple glass bowl that celebrates the deep purple pearls of the Blackthorn tree. It’s been a fantastic year for these fruits, (the ancestor of all our cultivated plums) and which are surprisingly, incredibly sweet (for a Sloe) which should make a great Sloe Gin. We’ve got both Sloe and Elderberry Gin on the go and are really looking forward to Christmas.

Some people may remember many years ago, we made a hand cut sloe bowl in grey glass, this year we are very happy to revisit this beautiful winter bounty with our new technologies enabling us to capture the essence of this abundant plant. Like most rural areas Rosedale has many, many blackthorn hedges, and this year, they are laden with purple pearls.

There have already been quite a few pre orders for this design, and we are planning to launch the bowl through our mailing list later this week. Please drop us an email or give us a call if you’d like to pre order a bowl.

6-Glassmaking – Root Vases

November 15, 2018

We’ve been making our small Root vases this week, in a wide variety of colours. These vases are so easy to use for the non flower arrangers amongst us (myself included), any seasonal flowers seem to position themselves effortlessly.

Though not available to order online, give us a call or an email if you’d like us to post one off to you.

7-Website Issues – thanks for your patience

November 15, 2018
We've been doing some work on our website which caused a few hiccups in it's usual smooth running. Many people brought the problem to our attention and we are very grateful. Thanks for your patience and as you can see we are all back up and running. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the technical issues. Warm regards from Rosedale Kate & Stephen  

8-Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair – Manchester

October 8, 2018
We will be moving a little bit of Rosedale to the city of Manchester for this lovely event, showing our glass with 150 makers from across the disciplines. We will be there 11-14 October PV 11th 6pm - 9pm Friday 10 - 6pm Sat 10 - 5pm Sunday 10 - 4pm


October 2, 2018

We just love blackberries and it’s been a good year for these hedgerow gems.

Our third limited edition of 2018 captures the dramatic dark purple colour of this member of the rose family, with a lip wrap emphasising their deep green leaves.

Over 300 species of this dynamic plant sprawl across the land, creating cathedrals of thorny arches, providing a haven for many small mammals and birds.

Folklore suggests passing through the arch of a bramble would cure many ailments, as do tinctures and teas of its leaves, berries and roots. Still, the gathering of hedgerow brambles in the autumn is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, as is savouring the wine, jam and desserts that follow.

You can order one of our new bowls here

10-Wonderful Howgate Wonder

October 2, 2018
What a wonderful day and a wonderful apple. We've been our picking some of the old English apples from our orchard. These apples keep really well throughout winter.